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Pionus Companionship?

I have two pionus parrots that came from a poor environment. As a result they are not at all tame and biters. One talks a great deal, the other not at all. The talker is the...

Love Birds Fighting Each Other?

I have 2 love birds in that 1 male & 1 female bird they are fighting each other every day..How can I stop them???

Finch Food?

I have 6 zebra finches. They only seem to eat half their seeds over time, leaving on the bottom of the cage seeds that look perfectly edible. Why is this? thanks

Injured Gull?

I found a gull at the beach, it was not moving at all it. Bought him home gave it a wash and observed, there is no visible bleeding, seems to bite very weakly and wings are not...

Keeping Lovebird & Budgie Together

hi i recently bought two birds a budgie and a lovebird the man who sold them said they can't live without each other so should be kept in the same cage. but now that they're in...

Taming An African Grey?

I live in a larg house and more than 12 people live in plus a 10 year old African grey. When he first came to us no one really tried to handle him. I had to leave home for around...


how do I know if my budgie is drinking water?

Parrot Poop?

noone wants to clean the bird cage for at least one month is this safe

Lemon Juice?

Is it okay if I add some lemon juice to my budgie's water bottle to support his immune system and just for a change?

Love Birds?

Why do they fight. Alot

Ducks Pecking Me?

Hi i have 2 pecking ducks one of each sex. when i am in the garden with them they stay by me all the time and both of them will peck my feet. i can be sitting. standing or laying...

I Have A Cocketail. I?

I have a cocketail. I let him fly around the room. I had a fly trap tack strip for nats. He got caught up in one of them, pulled out a few feathers. Will they grow back.

About Love Birds?

is there any problem to a pair of love birds which are already got mated with remaining birds in the same cage?

Most Popular Lovebird Toys

I'm just asking , but what is the most popular toy for lovebirds? I've got two Tango and cherry , and there toys are a bit 'uch' . So I'd like to know what toys are the best ,...


Hi, Can anyone help. My female lovebird buts her head back and makes a load cherp that she can keep going for a long time. Is that aggression sound? Many Thanks Sally
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