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How Do I Stop My Cockatoo From Laying...

How do I stop my cockatoo from laying eggs?

Can Lovebirds Live Without A Partner?

Hi all. I'm asking out of curiosity.Several days ago, in a pet shop, I saw a lovebird..alone in a cage. My first question to the salesman was about the second lovebird. He said...

Parrot Poop?

noone wants to clean the bird cage for at least one month is this safe

Can Cockatiels Eat Cauliflower?Aswell...

i have 2 cockatiels does anyone no if they can eat the actual cauliflower aswell as the leaves ?thanks clare

Keeping Lovebird & Budgie Together

hi i recently bought two birds a budgie and a lovebird the man who sold them said they can't live without each other so should be kept in the same cage. but now that they're in...

Macaw Aggression

how do i go about addressing the unwanted behaviours of a young blue and gold macaw?

Parakeet Help!?

Hi! I have 2 parakeets, Saphira and Angel (my first birds) and they where petco buys, I've had them for about 6 months now and they seemed to really like me! Always getting excited...

Do Budgies Pee?

I've suddenly realised that I've never seen a budgie or parrot pee. Don't they do it?

Macaws Temporarily Outside?

We've had some damage to our family room where we keep our two macaws (scarlet and a blue & gold). They've been on our porch for three days as we tore up the room. But we are...


Can an Amazon parrot and a Quaker mate?

New Parrot?

I gott a new African grey yesterday but when anyone comes near its cage it starts screaming and growling, this also happens when I change its food. I tried feeding it with my...

Pionus Companionship?

I have two pionus parrots that came from a poor environment. As a result they are not at all tame and biters. One talks a great deal, the other not at all. The talker is the...

Love Birds Fighting Each Other?

I have 2 love birds in that 1 male & 1 female bird they are fighting each other every day..How can I stop them???

Finch Food?

I have 6 zebra finches. They only seem to eat half their seeds over time, leaving on the bottom of the cage seeds that look perfectly edible. Why is this? thanks

Injured Gull?

I found a gull at the beach, it was not moving at all it. Bought him home gave it a wash and observed, there is no visible bleeding, seems to bite very weakly and wings are not...
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