hi, i have got a persian cat and a birman cat. i love longhairs. but what confuses me very much is that my persian's fur get matted if i don't brush it regularly enough. ok it wouldn't be so surprising if my birman's fur got tangled too, but... it doesn't!! i think that all longhair cats tend to develop hairballs but looking at the two of mine, there seems somwthing else what i don't know. can you help me? why the two longhair cats are so different in fur state?
Hey Anon, I think it happens because the two breeds have different types of the coat. Persians has an undercoat while Birmans don't have it. Maybe if you read these articles about Persians and Birmans, it will shed some light on the issue for you.


due to the type of coats, Birmans hair doesn't mat.