My 3 week old female kitten has been with me for 24 hours and in the last 6 hours or so I have noticed blood in her urine.
She has only been fed 'whiskas' kitten milk and water.
When she urinates, she closes her eyes and it looks like she is struggling and sometimes only a tiny bit will be excreted.
Her litter box is a small cardboard box with clear litter crystals so it is very easy to identify the discolouration.
Last night, she threw up twice.
She is still behaving normally, very playful and loving.
What's wrong with my new kitten?
Take her to the vet, ASAP.
She could have a blockage and is in pain! Cats are notoriously good at hiding pain and illness. PLEASE PLEASE get her to the vet NOW!
I agree with the previous posters. Blood in urine and straining to urinate are signs that your kitty needs a vet.