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LOL, Bob, you are in the business of dealing with people who have "issues" of the head, so you should ... will just makehim scream louder since he is getting what he wants, more "please please, please, pay attention to me!!"

Said the guy who almost graduated from the 5th grade.

I'm in Fairbanks; where are you?
I thought that the articles on vocalizations in this link were very interesting.
http://www.parrothouse.com/sfbio.html#Articles%20by%20Sam%20Foster ~Kimberlee
More important than the $200, IMO, is the heartache of parting with a bird you have chosen and for which you are now responsible. That's a huge part of any pet-making decision in our home. ~Kimberlee
Kimberlee, I'm in the Portland area now but moved from the Mat-Su Valleys five or six years ago. Lived in south central for 25 years - Girdwood, Bird Creek, Anchorage and Wasilla. Sure do miss it! I hear fire season is pretty bad up your way this year.
There wasn't anything in Alex's post that caused alarm bells for me. Matter of fact, he had good food for thought, and I was considering posting along the same lines.
Gee...guess that makes 2 of us who are just spouting. ~Kimberlee
Go with your gut.
If you like the breeders, they're the ones for you to work with, even if they are more pricey.
Some breeders pay more money for higher quality food; more money for quality cages and environment; more money for bird supplies and toys. That could be a reflection of why your new bird is more pricey than some others. I've known lots of breeders, all of whom truly loved their birds. The quality of their birds was superior to others who were just a breeder farm. A bird from a good home is worth the extra bucks!
Good thought! It's worth the bucks to avoid the bandaids, bruises, and embarrassing answers to questions, left by a non-socialized birdie! ~Kimberlee
> Oh, just a few (million) acres burned.
Yesterday was a pretty good breathing day; today looks like it's going to be bad again.
I love Girdwood and the Mat-Su valley. We've thought of moving to Palmer; it's a beautiful community, but I'm not too sure I could tolerate the cold wind without fussing too much!!!
Don't like Portland I get lost trying to drive there ~Kimberlee
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