ok so i know huskys and blue heelers often have blue eyes but are there any other blue eyed dogs? thx
Hi anon,

Please have a look at this article:

Dogs with blue eyes
That's a great article on blue-eyed dogs posted above! There are several breeds that can have blue eyes. I have a husky/white german shepherd mix with blue eyes. You can see him in my pics!
i wont to no what kind of dog is it thats small white with blue eyes and it never growns much it stays little
the only small white dogs i know are maltese and westie ^^ but they have brown eyes. may be sometimes they have blue eyes too!
I hope that doesn't mean you are choosing a dog strictly by the color of their eyes. And blindness can be a determined cause for blue eyes in certain breeds where it does not come naturally. Like blue eyes in dalmatians, it can mean deafness. In other breeds it can be blindness as a recessive gene. Not the eye color itself, but there is so much more to a dog. I don't think there are many small breeds with consistent blue eyes, and I hope you find a dog that fits your personality. Don't let a breeder give you a puppy just because it has blue eyes.
Hi my dog has had puppies three weeks ago and some have blue eyes is this normal or is there something wrong . They are staffi pups . Thankyou .