I keep my Boaphile which houses my babies in the bathroom. I have an 8 by 10 bathroom, old house. Snakes are all over the house, in various rooms, but this is the most convenient spot for the younguns. The Boaphile of course comes with a terrific thermostat, and the heat is built into the back of the unit, not underbelly heat, reardrawer heat. Only way to 'alter' it is to change the thermostat setting. I keep it at about 85F. Have a few kingsnakes, a few corns, and two albino boas in there. Bathroom's a cool room, unavoidable. I bought an oil spaceheater but find I need two feet free space around it for safety. There is not, in my entire house, two feet free around anything. Small house, thirty years of accumulation, old heating system.
So I can't raise the temp in the baby's room.
What would you say is the best setting I could go with on my Boaphile? I want the babies to be as comfortable and digest as well as they can.

So far they're doing basically fine, but we're only just hitting the raw part of winter now.
Anyone who's worked with drawer units, backheated, in cool rooms, advise me please?
So I can't raise the temp in the baby's room.

I have a compact electric space heater that only requires 6" of space around it. Easily done and very convenient.
Where'd you get it, Fr0glet? NOT that anyone could get anything like that around here; we heard there would be a major snowstorm (and there was, and is) and so we went to Home Depot in the AM and bought these oil filled radiators and they had six gazillion and a friend rode back with me to pick one up in midafternoon and they were..all gone.

I am sure every warming product in the Delaware Valley PA area suffered a similar fate.
I had the A/C on last week. I bet there's plenty of heaters down here available (for a small markup) .. :-)
Bet there are, Adam, but that doesn't help me HERE. IF we ever get dug out of this glop.