Mom - Australian Shepherd - Merle coat - Both eyes are completely icy blue.

Dad - Smooth Coat Border Collie - Typical Black and white - Both brown eyes.

What chance is it that all pups or at least some pups of the litter (Both eyes or just one) will have icy blue eyes?
Hi there! I think there never can be a definite answer. To have a more accurate estimation you'll probably need to know the background of both the dogs 3 to 5 generations back and see what colors were dominant. Otherwise that's just guessing a game and a matter of chance. Sorry I know it doesn't help much but that's how genetics works.
That is true.
I adopted a puppy from her litter about 8 months ago.
The dad was a Staffordshire Terrier.
The one chose had two beautiful blue eyes.
I named him Zeus.
He was my pride and joy. After we adopted him, we had him a good 4 months.
Unfortunately things happened at the time, and I had no where to go except a place where there wasn't ANY dogs allowed.
My boyfriend and I was forced to re home all of our dogs (4)
Best set of dogs we ever had..

But Zeus.. I can never get over his bright blue eyes and his silly doofy sense of humor.
I will forever miss him and regret letting him go.
But honestly I had no choice at the time and the place that I was going didn't allow any animals and I didn't have anywhere else to go.
A month after that.. Things got better and I found a permanent place where I would never have to worry about that ever again.
Nothing like feeling regret for the rest of my life upon that. If I only I held out for one month..
He was the best thing that's ever happened to me and I feel lost without him.

He went to a nice family though.. Unfortunately, we lost their contact number because our phone broke and they've never contacted us about an update.. So I guess I'll never know how he's doing, which I'm assuming he's doing great. He was a fantastic dog and their family had LOTS of children that loved him which was perfect for him..

I just miss him so much it's crazy.
We have other dogs now.. But it's just not the same. When we go out to the dog beach or dog park, it just feels like somethings missing..

I was so happy when I found out Sophie (Zeus's mom) was having another litter.
I mean.. I know it isn't the same dad.. But a half Zeus is better than a no Zeus..

Zeus was the only one out of the litter with blue eyes. (I'll post a couple pictures of him)
I was just really curious of others opinions in chance of the next litter having blue eyes..

If they didnt.. Then it just wouldn't fill the void correctly, ya know?
Emotion: indifferent
I'll post a picture of the the other 3 we had to re home also..
We miss them also.. :/

(Captain, Rogue and Hera)
I've just had a look at the pics and wow - Zeus really had a striking appearance! I can understand why you well for him so much. Well there's still uncertainty whether she'll have puppies with blue eyes again but everything is possible. Although as far as I know brown eye gene is usually dominant...
The guy said that when the pups open their eyes, that I can come over and meet them. You can tell if they're gonna have eyes that stay blue or vice versa.
So I'm really excited for that! He said he'll hold whichever I chose.
Thank goodness he's very understanding.

I really want a boy. Name it after one of Zeus's Brothers. Maybe even after Zeus.
Haven't decided yet.

Maybe it'll be a girl, given the chance she's the only one with blue eyes. Then I'll name her after one of Zeus's sisters.
How large was the litter with Zeus? If there're going to be about 5 pups chances are there'll be at least one blue eyed. But I'm not an expert, I'm just guesstimating and wishing you to get what you want. Emotion: smile
Uh.. I'm not sure. It was her first litter.
I'm guessing more than 6. Maybe... I'll ask later.
I'll let you know.