we got a 20 month old Collie a few weeks back. He had to be rehomed for genuine reasons. He is an amazing dog, so well behaved and loving- an absolute pleasure to own. He walks well of lead, never bothers other dogs, walkers, cyclists, children etc.
Yesterday we took him to visit family with 3 and 5 year old children, He met the 2 year old first and sat watching him with interest, then settled and lay on the floor. He suddenly sprang up and lunged at the child pulling the front of his T shirt with his teeth. We reprimanded him and put him on the lead away from the child.
Later we walked to the local school to pick up the 5 year old and our dog was pulling on the lead to get to the 2 year old( he never pulls on the lead). Later we were relaxing in the garden, the children were playing and the dog wa on a long lead well away from the children. The 5 year old ran close to him and jumped up and nipped her on the bottom.
The previous owner said he hadnt spent much time around children, but were still surprised at his behaviour. I know that collies often nip and herd children as pups, but we thought he was past that stage.
He had been on several very long walks before the incidents and so he wasn't board or frustrated. We are worried about being around children with him now, as the lungees were so fast and without warning.
Does anyone have any experience of this?

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