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That's why, out of some 100 houses down my street, there are less than 10 that have dogs. I could probably name them all to if pushed. Two of those at least are retired couples and the rest are either shift working couples or they work from home / part time.
I believe the cost of living is much cheaper in the US than over here, but in our house, its a personal choice. I earn much less money cos I work for myself and I'm pretty bad at selling myself, but this affords us the luxury of dog ownership. Just as well beyond my dog, I have fairly simple wants.

We don't have anything near the same problems as you do in the US with dog overpopulation. Sure, you get some problems in the cities and in rougher areas but we don't have kill shelters as you do. there are much fewer dogs. Some city pounds might have a destruction policy on some types of dog esp the guarding breeds, but most dogs in shelters can be expected to find a new home within weeks if not days of being put up for adoption.

And especially thanks to recent programmes shown on UK TV. featuring Battersea Dogs Home and Pet Rescue, the most fashionable dog to own is a rescue dog.
Our worst problem in the UK is byb's, ime, breeding from their pets without health checks. I hate to see so many dogs crippled at a young age and for people to just accept that does suffer.


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