Rino is a true sweetie. He loves people and other animals unconditionally. Whenever he meets people he gets extremely excited. You know this jumping around and the stuff, he wants to share his joy and to be petted in return. I keep telling people to give him attention only after he has calmed down. If only they listened! So few do. They stroke him anyway which reinforces this behavior. So I've been wondering, is there another way to stop his being bouncy? Something that doesn't involve other people?

Unfortunately I don't know of any ways that don't involve people. A dog's behavior is reaction to what its owner and people around do. I'd suggest that for a certain period of time you try to meet only those people that realize the problem and follow your instructions. They can help you train Rino and correct his behavior. When you see improvements, you can start meeting the other people and see how it goes. Of course keep telling them what they are not supposed to do; if they are not strange people tell them you wouldn't want them to meet Rino again unless they do what you ask them to do. This may sound a bit harsh but it's honest (and important for Rino's training).