Is it possible to breed the Donskoy Sphynx to the Canadian Sphynx and get healthy kittens? One has donminant and the other recessive. If combined are their problems?

I am no breeder but I bought don+can combination in the past from a backyard breeder when I knew nothing about sphynx - I thought there is only 1 sphynx breed, not two (russian aka donskoy and canadian). Their coat is something like velour, they have whiskers and they have hairy faces and front/hind legs. Other hair fell off.
The cats from that byb seem fine - at least the people who own them are luckier than me. I lost one due to HCM and his brother is most likely to get HCM soon.
However, I would not encourage breeding of the two breeds as nothing good can come out of it.