We bought a pedigree cat that is, by the words of the breeder, is a British Shorthair. However her certificate says it's a «Scottish Straight, SCS» SCS ns22. Her color is tabby as far as I can tell. Can anyone please clarify what breed the cat really is?
All I know is that SCS stands for Scottish Straight and ns 22 is a FIFe color code that means Black Silver Tabby Blotched.

Both British Shorthais and Socttish Folds are a result of mutation. It sometimes happens that Scottish Fold parents produce a litter with one or several straight eared kittens. Those are called Scottish Straights. Usually it means there were British Shorthairs in their ancestry. There's still no commonly accepted view on the Scottish Straight breed. The debates go on.
Hello Mia. I own an Scottish Straight cat as well. Although Scottish Straights have not been accepted as a known breed, for all the practical purposes they are British Shorthairs. "Scottish Straight" is really a clarification. It means, talking about my cat, that his mother is an Scottish Fold. His father is a British Shorthair. Since it is prohibited to mate two Scottish Fold cats due to the inheritance of the arthritis gene and other deformities (knowing that the folded ears come as the result of a physical defect), to breed Scottish Fold cats it is admitted only to mate an Sottish Fold parent with a British Shorthair parent. But, the result are not always Ascottish Fold kittens, there can be born straight ears kittens as well and they are called Scottish Straight, as I said before, to make clear that one of their parents are Scottish Fold. I've read that, on the contrary, it is possible to mate a Scottish Straight with a Scottish Fold.
It's a Scottish Straight then. It can't be a British Shorthair hair unless both parents are British Shorthairs. If one parent is a Scottish Fold then the kitten is a Scottish Straight or a Scottish Fold (if ears are folded) I'm a breeder of Scottish folds