Recently there have been several questions about dog shedding, so here are some general tips about brushing and bathing different breeds of dogs. If you have something to add from your own experience - feel free to.

1. Long, hard coat (such as in Newfoundlands) has to be brushed regularly with a hard-bristle brush. When such a dog sheds, this must be done more frequently. Do not bathe these dogs too often because it can deteriorate the protective layer of the fur. It is enough to bathe them once in spring and once in autumn. Of course, you can bathe in case of intense dirtiness.

2. Dogs that do not shed or shed little and dogs that have fuzzy coats (for instance, poodles) have to be shaved and bathed every two months. At the same time, you should trim the extra coat. It is better to take your dog to a groomer for this procedure.

3. Dogs with long silky coat (such as Afghan Shepherds, Malteses, Spaniels and Setters) have to be bathed every week and then brushed with a fine brush. Also, you should take these dogs to the trimming procedure every two months.

4. Stiff coat (such as in Taxes and most Terriers) requires brushing at least three times a week. Bathing and trimming should be done every three months. However, trimming around eyes and ears should be done more often.

5. Smooth coat (such as in Boxers, Greyhounds, or Labradors) is easy to clean by means of special brushing gloves. These dogs must be brushed once a week and bathed two or three times a year.

This is just something that I had to read to stop asking a row of questions about shedding. Thanks a million!
thx raphael, this is useful as a summary... but i think there could be much more to write about bathing and grooming. dogs are so different!