Okay say I'm in college or highschool and I own two pet budgies and I have to leave them because of school each day with now one to watch them. I could give them food and fresh water in the morning and l when I come back from school ( I'm guessing you know how long ~approx. school is)* I could play with them for a while, give them new food and water, and then get homework done. Should I worry about them when I'm gone or are they okay because they have each other. Will they be okay alone for 6 hours each day for 5 days? Please help thx.
-Just wondering in advance of the future.
As long as you leave them plenty of toys and fun stuff and treats (maybe even a radio playing softly so they can be accustomed to voices), and they don't start exhibiting signs of stress (feather pulling, extreme bored destructiveness), or begin to hurt each other, it should be fine. You could also buy them a perch or leave their cage door open for them to lounge on as you do your homework.