does anyone on here have good advice on bull mastiff aggression, its not towards myself. its for my partner, as our dog is growling and barking sometimes snapping at her! HELP!!
I read that you recently neutered her, we would need more details and see what kind of aggression she's developed. Dominant, fear, protection or redirection aggression. Then you can start working on that with her. Another cause could be the estrogen level changes. You might also need to look into training your dog with a professional.
Important is that your partner doesn't show fear and help your partner into becoming a pack leader as well - she might still favor you as her main pack leader but at the moment your dog is in control.
well iv had her back to the vet on Monday, to our knowledge the vet has told us that ruby had attacked the vet, which is very strange as she has never done this sort of thing to anyone.but its strange the vet never told us this until 10 days later when we took her back for check. and the vet that seen us was surprised her self to how calm ruby was sitting there and letting her check her over. if my partner gives the dog a row, i.e saying no or bad. this is when ruby will start on partner. but before the operation ruby listened to my partner, shona. it just seems all a bit strange why ruby has turned like this, even the staff who groom her are shocked and cant beleive ruby would be like this.
Often neutering a dog can calm it down, but the opposite can happen as well. Can you afford a trainer? What is the exact behavior she's doing? Snapping, biting even? I can imagine how hard this is for you now..
Perhaps these articles will help you: How to become the alpha dog , Signs of aggression in dogs .
yes im putting her into dog classes for 8 weeks. once a week, the trainer was recommended by the vets and the groomers
ruby snaps and growls at my partner (shona). but only sometimes. ruby gets very hyper with shona when im not in the house! it only seems to be when im not home. so its ruby being hyper growling and snapping all when im not home. to me i see it as ruby rules the house when im not home, and shona does show her fear to now.
seanboyyes im putting her into dog classes for 8 weeks. once a week, the trainer was recommended by the vets and the groomers
That's good news.
hi thought id give you a we update on my dog ruby... in the end i decided not to put her in dog classes and give it ago teaching her myself.... big marks for ruby and my partner shona. ruby has calmed down so much and behaves much better. ruby is that good that shona can take her out for a walk now. no aggression from her either.... we just keep at ruby and she keeps doing better each time.. Emotion: smile
That's good news that you're making progress!! Well done, but remember that if you do get stuck to still take her to dog classes, they will only help and support you Emotion: smile