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Steve Irwin tails venomous snakes. He even manages to escape being bitten by them. But, that doesn't make him any less of an idiot for doing it in the first place! >Z <<<
I HAVE to tell every kid NOT to act like Irwin.
A while back, a 9-year old kid was playing in a stream, saw a snake, and scooped it with his hand, into a 5 gallon bucket, and took it home.

Mom saw the snake, called me, and described a Cottonmouth Water Moccasin (Agkistrodon piscivorus). It was FOUR AND A HALF feet long, and that's giant for around here.
They both got a CWM 101 lesson, the kid got the "Steve Irwin is the DEVIL" included.
The guy scares the HELL out of me. It's a wonder nobody is dead yet.
I HAVE to tell every kid NOT to act like Irwin.

This is one of the MAJOR points I make to children when conducting a program at local schools or event as well Pete!
Not inevitable, but more of the idea of it being highly likely and to be prepared when it does happen. ... that herp keeper being taken off of hots for a period of time as it was a stupid feeding error.

If they want to be educational about things, why don't they demonstrate snake handling methods that are much less likely to get the handler bitten? It is completely irresponsible to show inherently unsafe handling methods and portray it as if it's acceptable. He was taken off hots for making a stupid feeding error? Why isn't Steve taken off hots for continuously making stupid handling errors?

...And then I realize, "Wait! It's only a tv show, and it's not really about education so much as edu-tainment, with less emphasis on the edu- and more on the -tainment."
Sad fact is that no one would watch if they didn't think that they had a chance to see Steve die.
Mom saw the snake, called me, and described a Cottonmouth Water Moccasin (Agkistrodon piscivorus). It was FOUR AND A HALF feet long, and that's giant for around here.

Where do you live, Pete? Did you see the snake? Being in a stream, and four and a half feet long sounds more along the lines of some type of water snake instead of a Cottonmouth. I would think it would be hard for a kid to "scoop into a bucket" any snake of this size and take it home. I'm in Western North Carolina, and here, as a lot of other places, most people describe ANY snake that is anywhere near any kind of water, as a Cottonmouth..lol. If not near water, it's automatically a Copperhead. Poor snakes!
Well, I'm having the two 7ft cages built anyway. As ... of whether I decide to keep them together or not.

A 7 foot long cage really isn't even big enough for one burmese python, let alone a burm AND a red tail.

No, you're quite right Sarah and they will remain living in separate enclosures. When I'd had it originally suggested to me I was thinking of building a much larger enclosure, but the size I'd need for the both just isn't practical.
Does a King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) versus an Indian Cobra (Naja naja naja) count? Emotion: wink Chloe<<< No. The premise was that the aggressions displayed would be caused by the stress of living together. Not fear of being eaten.[/nq]
Ah, right. I saw an impressive combative display between the two snakes mentioned above on TV recently. Needless to say the Indian Cobra was eventually overcome and eaten! Apparently the King Cobra has immunity to the toxins of other snake venom so the poor thing never stood a chance.
Mea culpa. I meant to say "combat of snakes from two different genuses, like Elaphe vs. Nerodia, not "species".

I see Emotion: smile
Just found a source for 3-5 lb weanling rabbits! WOOHOO here's hoping she loves them!

While I was over my herp store the other day I picked up a couple of rabbits for my Burm, as he didn't have any jumbo rats in stock, and he absolutely adored it! (I only fed one of them of course).
He must have spent around half an hour nosing at it and inspecting every part of it's body before deciding it was something to eat LOL! Usually a rat would be devoured in seconds!!! He didn't strike or constrict it as usual, but eventually worked his way along to the head and started to eat. I missed him taking in the rest of the body as I'd gone into the kitchen to prepare dinner and when I came back he was curled up looking very content with a nice fat tummy Emotion: smile
I'm sure your girl will absolutely love them! Emotion: smile
In the 40 plus years I've been herping, I have yet to see 2 snakes of 2 different species in "combat" with each other, not even on TV.

Lampropeltis spp. x Crotalus spp. (always a sure thing) Eunectes murinus x Eunectes notaeus (several documented cases) Dendroaspis polylepis x Atheris nitschei (several documented cases) Python brongersmai x ANY Bci- Bcc (well known & documented)

7 ft female Boa c. imperator rescue. I didn't pull back & only had afew puncture wounds which healed within a few days. She did intend to cause harm as it was a feeding response. Again my error as she's not been handled nor fed often enough. I was bitten by a 14 ft Burmese years ago & indeed consider myself very lucky to have survived! Few people can imagine the size of an adult Burmese. A 14 footer is far larger than an eight foot boa. They have large heads, powerful jaws & massive body weight. snake lady
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