I'm just wondering how human shampoo is different from dog shampoo and if I can use human shampoo to bathe a dog.
You should never use human shampoo on a dog, it will dry out their skin and will make it very irritated and itchy.
But why? If it's so bad why doesn't it make our skin irritated and itchy?
Because dog's are not humans and humans are not dogs, we are nothing alike and our body's work differently and require different things. The oils that are on the skin are important in order to keep the furr healthy and also to protect the body, human soap especially shampoo is very harsh and is meant to clean of everything on our scalp\body so it won't be oily and dirty. Bathing a dog with human shampoo will dry his skin terribly of the oils he so badly needs and that can be very bad for him.
Since human shampoo cannot be used for dogs/puppies, please let me know what to use to bathe my puppy. I read on the internet that baby shampoo, dawn and ivory dish detergent can be used. Is this true or false?