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Anonymousi have two male cats and caught them humping each other at different times...are they gay or are they trying to say "im superior to you" as I read in another article?
yes, it's just cats trying to show their dominance. animals can't be gay Emotion: smile
how about LesbioN cats
Well thats normal, the vet told me that kittens have a smell different that a adult male cat, so they confuse the sex of the other cat
Conclussion: the 2 year old cat thinks the little one is a female
Any animal can be gay. It happens all the time. Google it.
I am having one right now,
And do the other showing domination to my cat?
I'm not sure
Because my cat behavior now has changed
Before he hate the other cat appearance but now my cat acts like girly and cute whenever he show up
Thats stupid any animal can be gay
There have been homosexual male lions. You can look it up and see so I suppose it can be the same for household cats.
You must be joking, right? I don't think that is even possible.
You can search Google.com for video of two male lions mating, so why not two house cats?
Homosexuality appears in over 200 species. As far as I know, homophobia only manifests in one species. Even if he is gay, the younger one could go butch, start spraying urine, and fighting. Not good!
If both cats are consenting adults, neuter the younger one in case he is bi and let them be happy.
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