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That's weird man!!
AnonymousThis is probably a bizarre question but... can cats be homosexual?
I don't see why people think animals can't be gay too. Humans aren't the only species that are. I have this cat named butch. And another one named Spaz. They're the two males, and I also have two female cats. Butch has had two previous lovers that were both males. The two before Spaz both died for different reasons. Spaz has been in Butch's life for 7 years now. They took a liking to each other right away. Butch has never been into the female cats. He hisses at them. But whenever Spaz is around all they do is lick each other and cuddle all day. The females try to have sex with him but he just pushes them away. Spaz and Butch are only happy when they get to be together. I'm regretting the day they get old and one dies. Butch already lost two lovers and got depressed and fat over it. Butch is 10 and Spaz is 8. I couldn't be happier for them. And at least I don't have to worry about unexpected kittens.
Wrong, I once walked into my room and my cats were on my liking each other''s faces and when I walked in they ran, but they never run from anything. Not even my big bull terror when she acts psycho.

I think my cats are gay. EWWW!!! I have three males Wiskers,Yukki,and Little Grey. Wiskers and Yukki seem to get on top of little Grey and they are acting like he is a girl.(Though Little Grey may be a girl,I never was sure.)

If your one cat was neutered males often mistake it as a female. They can also do this action to assert domince.

Don't listen when they say animals can't be gay. Ahh we're gay and believe it or not, we

are animals as well. My female cat even before she was fixed, would hump my other

female cat. They are box fixed now and I can't tell she is just in love with my other cat.

The way she looks at her and follows her around....it's too funny! Yep I have a gay cat.

Are you seriously assuming your cats' genders? Holy christ.

I realize your post is already six years old, but I'm hoping there are others who are currently, or have experienced, the same thing in the past.

My rather youngish grey male cat (about two or three years old) has NEVER shown any interest in female cats, whether they were in MAJOR HEAT or not! Granted, I've never seen him mount another male but, that being said, he's never mounted ANYTHING nor does he display ANY of the "normal" behavior that a youngish, viral, male should display!

Not only does he NOT show ANY interest in female cats who are obviously in big-time heat, but he also doesn't roam, doesn't meowl like most males do during mating season and, most of all, I've NEVER seen him EVER mount a female (although I've never seen him mount a male, either).

So... anyone else out there who's got a male cat who's displaying, or not, what we would consider "normal" male cat behavior? I'd sure like to hear back from ANYONE who might have an answer or share a similar story!

Here's my contact info..... email: Email Removed">Email Removed

Blessings, Michele

My cats are both male and neutered, but they always stick together and sleep by each other. Right now they are sleeping against each other, and honestly, it's adorable! <3

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