This is probably a bizarre question but... can cats be homosexual? I'm asking it because I have two male cats, one of them is 2 years old and neutered, the other is 10 months old. It seems they have gone mad latrly! The older one acts as if he was trying to seduce the youngster, walks around him, purrs, tries to get on him as if it was a female! The youngster doesn't seem to object, he'll simply close his eyes and keep sitting. O_o What's going on? Should I neuter the young one too?
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I've heard really different opinions about it. Some say they can be gay, some say it's impossible. I don't even know what to think!
Yes they can I've watched a lot of male cats behaving like that odd yet true!
i have two male cats and caught them humping each other at different times...are they gay or are they trying to say "im superior to you" as I read in another article?
Yes absolutely! I have a 1 year old cat, Hookah, and a 4 month old kitten, Rhino, (and two other 1 year olds, and two other 4 month olds) Hookah and Rhino have formed a relationship, they rub on each other and purr, they spend more time with each other than any other cats, they are both fixed too. Both males. And I know Hookah for sure is homosexual because he tries to hump my two older cats as well, they don't like it so much.
Yeah it is possible. I too have a gay male neutered cat. He is the oldest from a different litter. The other two cats look up to him, but at times he gets bullied by them, because he's my nice boy (9 years). The younger male cat has never been seen returning the mounting behavior. My older cat is bi since he mounts the female too.

Guess he's just full of love when he feels it, his way of hugging.
See, I have two male cats that Are good friends, the younger one always seems to show affection to the older one. He grooms him and lays with him. I'm not sure if the younger one is gay. He older one sometimes does not appreciate the affection. I'm not rrally sure though.
I have a 3 year old, hearing-impaired cat (who is HUGE) and a 4-month old cat, both of whom we adopted from the shelter on Christmas Eve They had a contentious relationship at first, then they developed a closeness like I never imagined. The older one, Snowy, has started washing and grooming the little one as if he were a mother cat. They lick each other (but only from the shoulders-up) and they cuddle up and take naps together. The way I see it, it's not a matter of sexuality; it's more like a basic instinct to nurture and care, and to LOVE.....period. The little one was taken from its mother at a very young age, so I think he sees the bigger, nurturing cat as his "mommy". in any event, I'm thankful that we were able to give these sweet babies a good home and they now have each others' backs!
One of my cats is neutered since its a rescue( His names Slanky) and the other (Draco) is not. Both of These cats are male but I've noticed Draco seems to be acting like a horny teenager. He's constantly licking Slanky's privates and sniffing his butt. But, up until just now, he's never actually tried to do anything with him. A minute ago I looked up and saw Draco trying to mount Slanky as if he were a female. My cat is gay. Yes, cats can be homosexual.
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