Hi guys,

Barsik hasn't been feeling well for the past two-three days. He sleeps most of the time, eats fairly little and his nose isn't wet like usual. All the family members have been through the flu for the past week, starting from my bro and then both mom and dad. High temperature, weakness, ache in muscles, couch, etc. Now they feel better but looks like it's Barsik's turn. So my question is, can humans infect cats with the flu like that?

Mom says he's better today by the way. More active, wants to be cuddled and petted. I think it's a good sign. Emotion: smile
im sure hes fine gizmo gets the sniffles every year and its normaly gone in a week apart from the odd sneeze.if he is having fusses you know hes not to bad as when really ill they want to be alone (in my experience) as long as he is eating and going to the loo fine ect nothing to get worried about though if he has never been like this before i would ask the vets if he doesnt start getting any better hope he gets better soon x
Aw, I'm glad to hear that Barsik is feeling better today. Emotion: love

Yes, cats can catch a cold or the flu, but I'm not sure that they can catch it directly from humans. When I got my outdoor kitties last summer, one of them had the sniffles and sneezes. I took him to the vet and got him a shot to fix him up. I asked him about the possibility of a URI (Upper Respiratory Infection), and he said they are basically the same thing, and usually nothing to worry too much about.
Thanks, girls! His appetite is back so I'm relieved. Emotion: dance
That is good news! Yay! [<:o)]
It's always so troubling when our fur kids don't feel well.