Someone told me they can but I don't believe it. What about you?
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Chasing and catching a mouse are two different things. Sure, a dog can spot a hiding place of a mouse, can chase it when it runs away, but catching it? I'm sure some dogs here and there can, but that point goes to the cats.

lol ok makes sense
Yes, we have a mini weiner dog and he has caught and killed almost a dozen mice.
Dogs can absolutely catch mice. My dog does it all the time and is, in fact, better at it than the cats!
some breeds can. my friend told me his dog caught all mice in the neighborhood. but it was a hound. i don't think small york terriers can do the same.
Actually I think Yorkies were bred to do just that.
Mice, rats, and moles! You are correct.

my Rottweiler cross staffie just caught a mouse, he chased it and jumped on it .

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