I know some can be toxic, anyone know of some oils that can be used on cats and dogs that are not toxic?
NO!!!! All essential oils are extremely toxic, please don't use any!
Because I know many vets, nurses and aromatherapist who have all been adamant with me that they all essential oils are toxic. Google it! You'll see. Not everyone agrees but a real aromatherapist even states it on their site never to use them on pets. I would never chance it. I don't chance anything that could be potentially dangerous. Their livers are incapable of filtering out the elements of the oils. Plain and simple. Especially cats, they are incapable of filtering out many things with their livers and can easily develop liver disease if not liver failure.
Im sorry but your Misleading people with this information and its wrong. I'm a perfumer i make my own perfumes soaps laotions bath soaks and such from essential oils and they are NOT all toxic. Some can be if improperly used. But most are safe and useable infact many have Medicinal properties and are quite good and healthier then useing over the counter drugs or treatments. I myself use essential oils to keep fleas off my dogs and they are living strong healthy lives at the ages of nine and four.
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I was reading some more last night and found that there are some books about this and one of them seems to be quite popular. If you say that all of them are extremely toxic, how can this book be helping so many people? I agree that many can be toxic, but SOME are okay if you do your own research and don't pretend your animal is a human?
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Hmm I see, I'll do some more research.
Why did you ask if you were just going to research and argue about it anyway? O_o just wondering.

I wouldn't ever give any oils to my pets, especially ones intended for human use. The people who say they aren't toxic are usually the same people who believe doctors are evil and pharmaseutical drugs are poison.
Maybe that book you were talking about isn't helping everyone who reads it. Some animals might be able to handle oils better than most, but it isn't made for them. You could potentially kill your pet by putting oils chemicals into its body. Why chance it?
THANK YOU Boyquail! I was thinking this exact same thing!
This made me wonder... is it dangerous if I put an aroma lamp in the room where my pet is? Emotion: thinking
I'm not arguing, I'm trying to learn about it and challenge both ends of it. Did I say anywhere that I believe that ALL oils are okay for animals? No, I was wondering if there are SOME that are OKAY to use, knowing that many are toxic. I'm not out to kill any animals, I'm here to see what other people know and perhaps challenge them a bit with things that I have come across somewhere else in the meantime. I also never said that I read people say they aren't toxic, I just said that there seem to be a couple of books out there that have explanations to SOME oils and how they, in DILUTED FORM, help animals. The authors also write about the toxic oils, which ones not to use. Maybe I should have been more specific but I'm not just some idiot who read about a book which says all oils are ok to rub all over my cat and believe that, okay? So far I have read about a dozen or so oils that can be used in diluted form or in a diffuser. These include Cedarwood Atlas, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Lavender, Myrrh, Ravensare, Rose, and Valerian, however they do say that more research from the pet owner should be done.
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