Howdy all! Can I give my cat sunflower oil or butter? Is it safe and useful?
My dogs and cats often get to lick the empty butter pot. They don't get it often but it is a nice treat for them.

I also use butter for when I'm deworming the cat. I mush the tablet/powder into the butter and spread it on her paw so that she licks it off.
Yes, you can give your cat both butter and sunflower oil, but in little quantities. Also, it's better to give olive oil instead of sunflower.
I am giving sunflower oil to my dogs on the advice of my vet who told me not to give them olive oil. It is confusing as there are so many different opinions about. I will now also give sunflower oil to my cat after reading the other comments.
A few drops of sunflower or olive oil can make the hair more glossy but you should be careful and not give too much! These oils can cause vomiting and have a laxative effect.