I have heard that some people feed their cats squids. I've never tried it and I'd like to hear your opinion. Usually we feed our cat meat (frozen), chicken and sometimes shrimps as a treat. Thank you in advance.
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whow i've never heard about cats eating squids. i'd think it's okay as a treat but i wouldn't make it a regular diet. in the wild cats don't eat marine creatures ^_^
As the occasional treat some squid would be fine. But depending on how well your cats teeth are, and how old it is, I would chop it to little pieces, because squid can become a little chewy.Emotion: smile
Eating raw squid will cause cats to have a vitamin B1 deficiency disease, that willresult in cats having difficulty in walking and standing up. Processed (or cooked) squid can cause cats to have a digestion problem and vomit.
I have never heard of this before. Isn't squid rather expensive to feed them?
Dont feed your cat squid! It's bad for them and causes health problems!

My cats love squid! Whenever I prepare fresh squid, I cut off the heads and peel the skins and boil them a bit. The cats love the juice and bits of meat, which I chop up small. It’s only every now and then, and a treat. No bad effects.

What about squid squid jerky

Cats can’t eat squids. Squids are to chewy and they could catch diseases from them. DON’T EVER FEED YOUR CAT SQUID!

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