Is pork okay to feed a cat?
I would avoid it as much as possible. The fat in pork is different than the fat in other meats, it can clog the small blood vessels of a cat.
But I've heard it's okay to give pork to dogs... how come it's not a good idea for cats?
As far as I know it should be avoided in dogs diets too. It can cause diarrhea and carry parasites. That's why many dog owners freeze raw meet for 3 weeks to kill the parasites.
Ok perhaps I misunderstood something about pork in cats and dogs diet. Thanks for your replies.
Pork is also very salty which isn't good for kitties at all. I'd definitely avoid it.
I didn't mean salty pork but raw pork but I've got your concerns. Thanks.
Whoops! LOL. This is from my website about pork: The fat globules in Pork are larger than the fat globules in other meats and can clog the small blood vessels of a cat. Avoid any pork products, especially bacon, which contain the hazardous preservative, sodium nitrate.
It's informative, thanks!