I've been having a hamster for about a year already. Since the very beginning she has
had a water bottle that she's been gladly using. She drinks about 150 ml within 5-7
days. A few days ago, on TV I heard that in the wild hamsters don't drink. Moreover,
they can die if they drink. Is it true? Should I remove the water bottle?
I've never heard anything like this either. I think every living creature needs water. Besides, since your hamster hasn't died so far, everything has to be fine. Emotion: smile
That's kinda nonsense. All of my hamsters drink water and feel great.
I've never heard that before, so I can't tell you whether or not it's true. All I can tell you is that my hamsters have always had water in their cages ... even the hamsters I cared for when I worked in a pet store.
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