My daughter adopted a large 7 year old dog. She is now unable to spend time with him because of work. She wants us to take him on our farm. But can he adapt to being an outside dog after 7 years of being an inside dog? We have 2 other dogs.
I also think that he eventually will like the outdoors even more than indoors! There are so many things to smell and explore, so much space to run and play... considering that you talk about a large breed, I'm sure he'll like the new perspectives. Emotion: smile What breed is he, by the way?
Dogs are pretty resilient creatures. If the other two are outside, then this new one will probably want to be with them. Give it a try and see how it goes.
Thank you. I will hope for the best!
You're most welcome. Let us know how it goes.

A dog that has lived its entire life inside will always want to be inside at times, but will adapt quite well to being a "mostly" outdoor dog.

When I got my dog two years ago, he had always been indoors. Then I moved to a farm a year ago and he now likes to be outdoors most of the time. Of course his absolute preference is wherever I am. He's very loyal. [Luv]
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