Hello all! I have a hamster and would like to get a fancy mouse as well. Will I have to keep them in separate cages or it's okay to put them in the same one? Thank you in advance.
Hi anon,

I don't know exactly but I'd always keep different species in different cages. Just to make sure everything will be fine. Emotion: smile
Hi anon

I agree with Ruslana.

Hamsters are extremely territorial animals, and sometimes they don't even get along with other hamsters. (Especially if they are 2 males).

I would recommend 2 seperate cages because the hamster will most likely try to defend it's territory, and attack an ordinary mouse. This could also mean the mouse will be stressed, and a little mouse heart just can't handle stress. (And don't worry - hamsters can't feel 'loneliness' like say a dog.)

Best of luck to you. Emotion: smile
Hamsters will kill mice.
Where do you guys get your hamsters??