Hi all. I'm asking out of curiosity.Several days ago, in a pet shop, I saw a lovebird..alone in a cage. My first question to the salesman was about the second lovebird. He said the second one had been sold, and that lovebirds can live well on their own. I didn't believe him. Can lovebirds really live alone, without a partner?
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If love bird gets out is there any chance it will come back to its cage

no. they will live a sad sad life with out a partner shame on you if you do that

How long can lovebirds be alone

Yes they can I’ve got a love bird and no Companion I wish I had one for her but she’s been along for years and she’s doing fine

I buy a love bird and me and my dad were walking and I said I want a love bird only one and we buy it. Is it gonna die without a partner?

sorry for laughing

No... they are happier with a mate... who isn't? But if you have the time to devote to training and play and care. My birds (not lovies) hate each other so spend separate time with me and I had a pair of lovies but I let them go to a new home where they have become part of a flock and love it but still love each other. Birds alone with no human or bird interaction will self mutilate and be miserable. It's a terrible thing to do so only get just one if you have hours every day to love him and keep him happy. Birds are a ton of work and can live a very long time.
Hi my 2 of my lovebirds died dead on my cage and now i only have one left how can I entertain banana

Do U mean that there is not any scientific reason for the living of loving birds together they can live lonely

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