Hi all. I'm asking out of curiosity.Several days ago, in a pet shop, I saw a lovebird..alone in a cage. My first question to the salesman was about the second lovebird. He said the second one had been sold, and that lovebirds can live well on their own. I didn't believe him. Can lovebirds really live alone, without a partner?
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Try putting lovebird videos off YouTube on your TV or phone keeps mine entertained
it would be better to get another female so the male can live it’s happy life or they can die of deppression
Today I had lost my male love bird...now female love bird is a lone I am worried.... plz advise me...
It depends on how old a wise fee was over 3 or 4 months then no because he'll get very upset and died because he was alone but if he was younger he should be fine but still could have issues