Hi all. I'm asking out of curiosity.Several days ago, in a pet shop, I saw a lovebird..alone in a cage. My first question to the salesman was about the second lovebird. He said the second one had been sold, and that lovebirds can live well on their own. I didn't believe him. Can lovebirds really live alone, without a partner?
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Surprisingly, they can! Especially if they were raised on their own. But you'll have to spare more time to a single love bird to entertain it. It's always recommended to get 2 birds if you are out all day long, so that they can entertain each other and so that they don't get bored.
Yes they can today my dad told me that my lovebirds got out of the cage and then the female flew away and my dad saw the male alone so he put him in the cage and wondered will he die. I said no because I did research and the male or female can live on its own but my male would miss her dearly
Once my female lovebird got out of the cage and flew away the male was despret and the next day he died.
Actually it's not write .. because a love bird should have a partner in his cage or he'll feel lonely and die

Actually, yes, they can! I have a lot of lovebirds, and they actually do better alone because they'll bond with you rather with another lovebird. As for the person whose lovebird died after its mate left, I assume it was just a coincidence.

Hi they can live alone because I saw a love bird with out a partner I ask the manager why is this love bird alone and he said they can live alone I'm getting the love bird tomarrow

Yes, lovebirds can, and do, live just fine without another bird. I fell for the 'they'll die without a partner' nonsense and came home with two lovies. One of the pair died barely six months later, so I went back and got another one. The original remaining one died about a month later (turns out the breeder was selling sick birds - my vet was FURIOUS and reported her). My 'replacement' lovie also had the illness that killed the other two. When we finally got him healthy, I asked my vet if he needed a buddy, and she told me no, they lived just fine on their own. My remaining sweet baby is doing JUST FINE without a cage buddy! In fact, he's more lively and active without another bird. Hope this helps!

If the male left ,female has egg already can they still heach

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