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my pug lives outside most of the time and she is perfectly fine tho when it gets toooooooooooo hot I prefer inside!

NOT TRUE.........I keep my pug puppy outside almost all day because she poops to much.I love her but i never have time to keep cleaning her poop and I don't even feed her a lot but she is fine outside i just keep some water outside and thats it

Not treating your dog with fleas is very inhumane. And to have her sleep outside because she cries, is pretty heartless. You really don’t see the value in her life and wellness. Surrender her to a rescue so she can have a better life please.

Can pugs be outside in mild winter weather like southern California. It is about 69 to 75 in the daylight hours, where we live.

I would never leave my pug outside long at all just to go potty and walks when the weather cools done where I live it gets up to 110 degrees


pugs are cute

My pug is an outdoor dog. She lives on the patio. It has an indoor feel so she loves it.

I live in Southern California like near la so it gets kinda hot but I live on a hill and there is a fan outside with shade for my pug. I know leaving him outside is not recommended but my parents don't want him inside. So is it ok to leave him outside?

My mom bought us a pug in 2005 and he was an outside dog. I was to young to know better. In 2012 he died outside because he couldn’t breath. He was left outside during winters and summers and thinking back I want to cry at how my mom made him an outside dog because he would be alive today if we kept him inside. My mom should definitely not have bought him. Your pug might be fine and alive as an outside dog now until He’s not.