i have heard that it is not recommended and that even it's dangerouns to keep pugs outside. is it true? why can't they live outside like some other dogs?
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This is absolutely true: never keep you pug outside if you love him! Pugs cannot endure heat and high humidity well. Usually, to cool the body, dogsstick the tongue out and breathe intensively. If the tongue is small, the cooling area is small too and such dogs have a higher chance to overheat. This is exactly the case with pugs - their tongues are fairly small, and the dog can die in less than half an hour if left in a hot environment.
NOT TRUE.......I live in Georgia and my pug is an outside dog. I always keep large amount of fresh water, and there are trees in my yard so there is plenty of shade. My pug is in good shape and is not overwieght. Keeping a dog outside is not cruel! I don't know what has happened to people acting like dogs and cats are people? They are animals and are capable of surviving on their own except for maybe the English bulldog. When temps get extreme it's always a good idea to bring them in, but for the majority of the year in my area its fine for my dog to stay outside.
as long as your pug is not outside when temps are extreme like over 80 degrees dont leave your dogs out side for a long period of time. my pug gets semi over heated during a walk so that explains alot.
Completely agree with u
YES TRUE......Pugs are brachycephalic meaning they are prone to breathing issues. Outside temperatures in Georgia during the summer can exceed 90 °F and 39 °F during winter. These are deadly temperatures for Pugs. Even with water and shade, this can lead to heatstroke for your Pug. Please consider another breed if you plan on having an outside dog. Also do your research on the breed before you get one or you'll end up like the individuals on here who do not know what there talking about. Emotion: rolleyes
i have a pug that was my sons,. I have never wanted or cared for in door dogs,. He was 14 months old when he arrived, he took up with me, I pushed him away do many times,. Now 7years later he is always next to me,. He can not handle heat in any way,. I would hurt anyone that was mean to him,. But still wish I didn't have a dog. But would never mistreat him or let anyone else. And yes he thinks he is human,. Sleeps on the foot of my bed. And sits next to me when I eat at the table.
My dog sleeps outside because she cries at night and she has fleas Emotion: crying
I have a pug and it is 1 week old and it is do cute rachal that's my name and the dogs name is prince
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