Well, this must be a dumb question but I have always wondered. Can snakes tie up themselves in knots? If yes, can they release themselves easily then?
Hehe I've never heard of a snake not being able to come out of the knot it's tied, I'm sure they can sense when it gets too tight Emotion: smile And they tend to go all knottie when they're mating Emotion: wink
I heard they can... but they can easily enough release themselves anytime.
then, it's not really a problem, is it?
It seems it is now. Emotion: smile Punky once told me that she used to have snakes. Maybe she could answer better here.
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Wow you do seem to have some knowledge about snakes! Emotion: smile
yes they can but they dont do it all the time my snake only useuly does it when i have got him on my hand but then he unravels very easily so in ansser to both of your questions yes they can[Ye]