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Some stupid people in this world. How could you even entertain the thought of dogs killing a tiger??

A Siberian tiger, a 700 lbs cat with claws and huge canines, is just too formidable and well equipped for ANY dog to stand a chance. Wolves couldn't challenge the average tiger, much less a domesticated dog.

A single tiger can take down a Gaur by itself. Now go Google "Gaur."

Well, People who are claiming that dogs can never take down a big cat is delusional or they might have not heard about kangal terriers, a massive breed which is used to protect sheep's from wolves and tigers.

It's said that 2 kangal terriers are good enough to take down a tiger and they have a bite force of 732psi which is much better than that of a lion's.

Obviously the only dog you get to know is the chihuahua, my Caucasian ovcharka kills 8-10 cats yearly when they try to pass through our property, and they are bold enough to provoke him, instead run like crazy. Of course my CO weights 80 kgr (175 pounds) so there is no mystery here. The mystery is about my standard schnauzer, weights only 20kgr (44 pounds) and he killed a considerably big cat when was left alone in the yard, while walking my caucasian out. Of course they never attack our own cat, they are best friends. Sometimes WATERED DOWN dogs (dogs specifically bred with no instincts and drives like defense and fight In order weak ladies to match them with their furniture) no matter the breed or the far history of it, they will back down facing a provocative cat, but make no mistake A REAL dog will tear it apart in seconds even a small dog, unless we speak for chihuahua like.

I think it would take 4-5 tibetan mastiffs to take down a fully grown tiger.If the tiger attacks one of them then the other will attack him from all the other sides,3 would simply not be enough to kill a tiger as the tiger's attack would reduce the numbers too quickly, 5 would be enough to do the job,it will tireout the tiger first and then finish him,but at the end it would cost atleast 2 tibetan mastiffs

Yes my 2 gaddi dog together kill a lepord while lapord attack on my one dog both dog kill lapord together.

It is true event

A fully grown tiger is gonna murder in 8 minutes 3 tibetan mastiffs, the only animal they can kill is a leopard, no dog on earth is going to kill a lion or a tiger.

Even a lone jaguar of 130 kgs would destroy 2 kangals/tibetan mastiffs.

Blind doglover, how much BS you just wrote

3 or 4 Tibetan mastiff can

The difference maker is REALITY snow leopards are scared of the mastiffs for a reason! People use them for a REASON... because they do kill them! We would breed better ones if not! Get over yourselves "Feline Friends"... FACTS!

absolutely not, dogs can kill a cat anytime. Theres also a dog in the us that was killed because he kills 15 cats in a city. In a dog fight they use cat and rooster to train their dogs...

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