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A single dog can never win against a leopard but when comes to endurance, dogs are far superior. A pack of 5-6 stray dogs can easily kill a leopard if the leopard gets cornered by them.Dogs can fight for hours. Leopard can not resist them more than half an hour. Ultimately it will have no option other than to just give up.

Well said. I work. In a local zoo..so i know...their behavior..dogs.. aren't predators my friends no matter how big they r .even they r big as an elephant ..dogs are still dogs..but these wild cats are made for hunting alone. They r agile..swift...and equiped strong paws..somemore they kill very early ..coz they know where grid ur strong dog ...3 healthy adult tigers are strong enough to kill and elephant do u know that..? Plz dont make this kind foolish comment based on YouTubes..u have to associate with them to know them better .I TELL U..NO DOG ON EARTH HAVE BALLS OR POWER TO KILL WILD CATS...(UNLESS...UNLESS THEY LARGE IN NUMBERS WITH HUMAN ASSISTANCE)..EVEN THEY WOLVES DONT DARE ..

Brother dogs can bite scare off any intruders..even kill..but it depends not happen every time..but while cats r born hunters ..have u seen tiger in hunger in the first place..i work in zoo i deal with them every day in my life.no dogs in world can take wild cats bigger then a lynx one on one .not even the wolves...(UNLESS THEY COME WITH LARGE NUMBER ACCOMPANIED BUY THEIR HUMAN) ONE TO ONE NO CHANCE ..EVEN THE DOG IS BIG AS AN ELEPHANT...STILL ITS A DOG..