Any ideas (google-ing got me dizzy and only US sites) on finding a frozen food supply for snakes (large mice, small rats size rodents)?? My s-i-l is in NB and looking for an alternate food supplier. Currently they pay 8-10 per rat. I am wondering if any of you know of some good suppliers of frozen rodents for food. I can do the digging of price etc. Must be able to ship if out of NB.
Pls reply to group, and many thanks in advance for all good advice (heckling ignored by my)
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I might be able to help you. I live in Maine, USA which is very close to New Brunswick. How many rodents would you be interested in buying? E-mail me direct if interested & I'll check shipping laws for frozen whole rodents into Canada & approximate shipping costs. I would only ship during the cooler weather. snake lady
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We get our mice from Canadian Mouseman, Let them know, Katt told you about them.