Tony, Don't despair. I have seven male canaries and four females. They
have been in my household now for over three years. During the course of
time, we have had several males that sang all at the same time, and then all
at once, the house was quite. Molting season is one the reasons a canary will stop singing. Having the house too warm can cause your canary to molt longer and even more often. You asked if he's sick. Well, is his appetite
different, does he sit on the bottom of the cage, or on his perch all puffed
up? These are signs of sickness and you should not wait to take him to the
vet, because canaries mask illnesses very well, and when we as people discover they are sick, it's usually in the last stages of the disease and it's hard to treat. But, if he is just not singing, don't worry, he'll start again. Have you moved his cage to a different place? That could do it. Also, if you do get him a female and put her with him, he will more than likely not sing.
Male canaries sing to attract females for mating. If one is right there and
available, there is no need for him to sing. Also, they sing to mark their
territory. I'm not sure how much you knew about canaries, so I hope I didn't bore you with unsolicited information.
Good luck

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Hi Rachael. I've just come across your message. One of my Fife's is doing exactly what you have described. Stopped singing and sitting on the floor of the aviary. I've put him in a cage and brought him in. Now it looks even more serious as he doesn't want to put any weight on his right leg. I've checked the leg and there is no break. Is it possible for Canaries to "sprain" themselves or pull a "muscle". Very occasionally he will lift himself up, but is a lot happier sitting down and "fluffed" up. He's eating fine and "passing" okay.
Please take this little guy to an avian vet. Not putting weight on a leg is very, very serious.
Please take this little guy to an avian vet. Not putting weight on a legis very, very serious. Mary

Thank you everybody for their advice. I took him to the vet and there were no breaks. It was as I suspected a sprained muscle between the right wing and leg. Time will be the big healer.
I keep all my canaries in an outside aviary, but I guess this little fella will have the luxury of being indoors for a little while until he regains the use of his limbs. Already he's beginning to move around the cage a little easier now.
Once again thank you and I hope you all have a Happy Christmas

Great news! I hope you and the little guy will have a very happy Christmas! Mary