Hello everybody,

I am taking my first dog home next week, and I need your expert advice on how to care for him for the first few weeks. He is a Siberian Husky (I didn't choose a name yet) and he will be 45 days old when I take him home with me. I am a first time dog owner and i really want to do everything right because I really fell involve with that puppy and I want him to be as happy and comfortable as possible.

I plan on placing his house outdoors in my small garden eventually, but my research tells me he will be spending the first few months exclusively indoors. Do I need to place him in a crate during that time? If so, will it be too stressful for him? And what will the toilet situation be? Is it safe to take him outside (to my garden, not outside my property) to do his business while he's still young? Any recommendations on how to avoid accidents around the house at that stage, how often I should take him outside (if it's okay), will he be soiling his crate or house at night? Should I start toilet training him as soon as he is home, or is it too early?

Thank you! Emotion: smile

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