Yesterday I had a talk with a friend who was sure that if you have a cat you should get rid of all the carpets in your house because they accumulate cat hair and dandruff so it's not hygienic even if you clean often. I've always had a different opinion, that carpets prevent cat hair from flying in the air all around, and when you clean they are removed from the floor without further spread.

Do you have carpets? Do you think they are any use to help control cat hair spread in the air? I have carpets and I'm not going to dump them! Emotion: big smile
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I removed all of my carpets 2 years ago for health reasons. They made my allergies a whole lot worse and they contain terrible chemicals like formaldehyde. My allergies improved a lot after getting rid of them.
How interesting! I had no idea carpets could worsen a cat allergy. My dad never wanted one while mom and I were sure it would help reduce the amount of cat hair in the air like Janis said. Just because most of it should stick to the carpet and never get higher. Neither of us has an allergy to cats though. We never got a carpet, lol.
Nope, there are horrible chemicals in carpets and for a long time my ear, nose and throat doctor wanted me to get rid of them. One of the best things I ever did. It holds in cat dander as well. You can only clean a carpet so many times, you'll never get rid of all the foot dirt, cat vomit, other yummy stuff. LOL
My friend was right then! Emotion: surprise I still wouldn't want to get rid of my carpets.... They make my home cosy! Emotion: tongue tied
It makes so much sense, there's SOHOHO much stuff in carpets, you think they're clean but they're far from it. I hate them even though I'm not allergic to anything.
But if I clean them with a steam cleaner regularly? I don't have a feeling it's dirty and and Miky loves to relax on it.
regularly steam cleaning is the best you can do. It still doesn't get everything but it's the bet method of cleaning. I don't know about the chemical soap that is used though. But I've gotten enormously against using chemicals and while I'm not a fanatic about it, if I can find another way that's safer, I'll do it.
JanisMy friend was right then! I still wouldn't want to get rid of my carpets.... They make my home cosy!
Emotion: big smile None of us is forcing you to throw your carpets away! As long as you clean them and don't have allergies why not have them?
I think rugs could be an option, too. We have a couple of rugs that can be washed in a bathroom. Magnus and Vincent love chilling on them.
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