Hi my cats name was blackly 9 years old male. We where playing one day and he scraped me bad i slapped him on the head.He was ok after it did not run away or anything gave him food and played with him agin.A week went passed he was ok he was asleep on the bed i say hello to him and put my hand on this head he woke up crying like he got a scare or his head was hurt i stroked him on the body and he was ok with that. He did not seam right so i bring to the vet all was ok just had ear mites. Then for the next week he started to hide away from the home and other cats came back for food and sleep at night.After a week of this he came back one day not able to walk good and weakness in the the legs more on the front legs and crying at other cats i give him food and could lift him around. Mother bring him back to the vet he had blood in him ears and eyes blood on the brain they put him to sleep. Could this have being blunt head trauma/stroke/tumor? i slapped him two weeks before this could i have caused this ?Would a cat still be eating food ok after head trauma . I still have two cats i do like mys pets alot.
He was born with infection in this eyes was blind in one black stuff use to weep out . Just so sad over this.
Oh! I don't think there are any vets here but have you spoken to your vet about the possible trauma? I'm not sure if a head trauma could show delayed symptoms, I hope someone will be able to help you.
You can't hit cats.