my cat was playing with a string and ate it by accident. is it dangerous and what should i do?
It can be dangerous, but more often than not, the string will pass through without incident. Just keep an eye on your cat for any signs of constipation or absominal pain, and take her to the vet immediately if you notice anything strange. If nothing unusual occurs over the next two or three days, then the string will probably be in your litter box.
ok thanks i'll keep an eye on him. everything seems ok so far.
You're welcome. Keep us posted on how he makes out.
I once had one of my cats operated because she had consumed a large amount of rubber tubing. This is not a thing to be careless about! I do hope your cat won't have to go through this.
he seems fine! (sigh of RELIEF)
I'm so glad to hear that! Cats love string, so find a string that is too large for him to eat ... like maybe a thin nylon rope.
Yes, it can be very dangerous. Luckily you had the benefit of seeing your cat eat the string... now you can watch to make sure it is passed.

Unfortunately for us, we did not know our cat Eva had eaten any string (I actually think it was dental floss). Over the course of a few weeks, even months(?), the string got stuck and acted like a saw, slowly cutting through her intestines, causing infection and requiring emergency surgery. She passed away 2 days ago, about 24 hours after surgery... her body just couldn't recover. She was only 15months old.

Notice how I said it CAN be dangerous. I've heard the string can also be passed. For us, it was fatal. Please don't ignore it... if it's not passed quickly, consult with your doctor about surgery... before your cat is too weak to recover.
Please do not wait. Take the cat to the vet for x-rays immediately. My cat Harpo got very ill and would not eat or drink. He got to where he couldn't get out of his bed. I took him to the Animal Emergency Hospital Monday Memorial Day. They started all kinds of blood tests, urine tests, x rays etc. He ended up having to be on an IV because of dehydration. Spent the night and bill was $949.00. Took to his regular vet Tuesday morning. He is still there as of today. They saw a huge mass in his stomach which required surgery to remove. It turned out to be a very long leather shoelace. I have no idea when he swallowed it or how long it had been lodged in his stomach. It actually took up most of his stomach because it was so long. He is now in post op and appears to be getting better. I have not received the bill on this as of yet however, I am positive it will be in the couple $1000.00 dollar range. So total could be around $3000.00 to $4000.00. It would be much cheaper to get the x ray and find out where the object/string is so you will know its location in the digestive track. Could be the vet can extract it with the probe procedure rather than surgery. This experience has been extremely stressful and is going to be quite a financial burden on me. I love Harpo with all my heart and am so thankful to still have him. I will now be going through my home removing any potential dangerous objects or loose sting items to avoid something like this ever happening again.