Hi! My cat showed brutal aggression to my son! I brought him and my wife home. At first everything was fine. We were diapering the baby and the cat was walking around and exploring the new smells and things. Then my son started to cry, and Dilma attacked him! It was not a bite on his hand or leg, she jumped onto his head like a hunter! Son was scared and began to cry even more, my wife became hysterical. I had no choice but to take the cat to a shelter. But I don't know if I've done the right thing! Emotion: sad Dilma is 5 years old and I feel so bad for 'betraying' her. But she betrayed me too being so aggressive to my son! Why did she do that?
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How scary!!! My guess is that the sound of the baby crying is so new and may signal to Dilma that something is wrong and that was a natural defense mechanism. Do you think you'd consider taking her back and trying some behavioral exercises? There's a lot of things that can be done prior to the baby coming home to get the kitty used to it. http://www.catsinternational.org/articles/natural_cat_behavior/bringing_home_baby.html . Since there isn't time for that now, If you still wanted to bring her back in, you could keep her out of the babies room for awhile to make sure she's not doing anything like that again. I have a friend that makes an herbal collar for pets called a calming collar. Take it from me this thing is like magic! I had to get one recently and it's changed my pet's behavior! I think anyone would understand though if you're too scared to do that. Your first priority is your baby. I know it feels like Dilma betrayed you, it's not the case though. It really isn't. Cats have a different defense mechanism and she may be jealous of the attention to the new baby also. Here's another great site I just came across with wonderful information: http://www.purrfectcatbehavior.com/cats_and_babies.html .
Thanks for replying. Chances that Dilma comes back are little because my wife keeps saying she's worried about the baby's safety and of course I cannot say she has no reason for this. Emotion: sad I was shocked too and I am too worried about the baby's safety. But the thought of Dilma being all alone in the shelter doesn't let me sleep. I'm torn in halves. I can't risk my son's health and I have pangs of conscience for giving Dilma away. I'll speak with my wife again.

I'm sorry to know about the situation. How about trying to re-home the cat instead of leaving her in the shelter? Pets that haven't been adopted for a period of time get euthanized and I'm sure this isn't something you'd want for Dilma. While you'll be looking for new owners, you could keep the door to the baby's room closed so that she can't get in. Good luck and please keep us posted!
I know, I agree that your baby's safety is the first priority. Please try not to feel guilty. But the fact that you do just means you are a compassionate and loving person. And that means a lot to so many, your baby will have a very loving and caring father. That's a good idea about trying to re-home Dilma. Do you have any friends that would take him? Even as a foster until you all find him a home?
My cat did the same thing when we first brought my daughter home, my husband actually was able to deflect her before she could get her, but it unervered me. I cried because I thought I would have to get rid of her and I had raised her from a kitten. We gave it a couple of days and we watched her when she would get close to the baby. We noticed she would only freak out when she cried. After two weeks she got used to the sound, now she's just really protective and when she hears the little one cry she licks her head like she's a kitten.
Hey alfinnlay! I have 2 cats with a newborn and would love one of those collars Emotion: smile
Feel bad for betraying her? My kid and cat, cat would definitely be gone and it would be lucky if that only meant sent to the shelter.

I don't understand people who would risk the safety of an innocent baby over a cat that has claws and teeth. They should have stuck to their "furbabies."

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