hi ^_^ one of my friends talked with me about it and I couldn't find a better answer than "that's cat nature"! briefly: she and her boyfriend live together. they have a 10 years old cat who originally belonged to my friend before they started living together. she has to do short 4 days business trips and the cat stays alone with her boyfriend. the thing is, when she's at home the cat is super demanding and wants her attention all the time, meows a lot and so on. when she's on a business trip, the cat changes completely. he is no longer demanding and he seems to know his place. the boyfriend likes cats too and i thouhgt the cat could manipulate him too but he doesnt! a mystery! ^_^
Barsik has different behaviour "patterns" with my mom and dad, too. With mom he's more demanding and naughty... with dad he knows he can't be so manipulative, hehe.
They're just like kids, they know what they can get away with around different people! Dogs are the same way. For example, my husky. She never got treats just for going outside, if she asked to come back in, she got nothing. She only got them if we called and she came right away. They were actually used as rewards, not just for the sake of giving them. We went out of town and a friend stayed with the animals. I didn't think to tell him any of this, it wasn't overly important! The first time he let her out, she came back in and sat next to the shelf in the kitchen that they were sitting on. When he didn't pay attention to her there, she barked at him and looked up at them. He assumed that meant I had forgotten to tell him that she got them every time she came in, apologized, and gave everyone treats. Knowing she'd fooled him, she wanted to go outside a LOT more often than usual, which is how we found out she'd tricked him. He asked when we got back if she had a bladder infection or something or if she always went out so much!
hihi what a smart husky! ^_^ thanks for sharing it ravenrose! i assumed cats were more manipulating creatures than dogs but looks like i was wrong ^_^