Hello. I have a 4 years old cat. She often behaves very nervously, meows, wants me to be near her all the time. I give her plenty of attention but she seems to want more. When I'm at work, she usually just sleeps. When she's anxious she'll often find a quiet corner and start biting her own tail tip. There's already no hair there. Sometimes she'll do the same with an area on her paw but the hair grows again there when she stops biting it constantly. I cannot understand what causes this behavior. She was spayed when she was 1 year old. Thanks in advance for your help!
Hi anon

Firstly I recommend you take your cat to the vet. It's important to determine if your cat has some sort of parasite or a fungal infection. The vet may also take a blood test to rule out any diet issues. If this isn't the problem, it can be a case of overgrooming.

Overgrooming is a stress related behaviour - and it is treatable. But the treatment lies in the discretion of your veterinarian. Untill you take it to the vet, try to distract the cat with toys (NOT treats), so it can temporarily forget his compulsive behavoir.

Best of luck to you and your kitty.