So I've had my precious kitty a little over a year now. She's just now turned 2 and I love her to bits. We get along great and she is a very happy cat. She has lots of toys and beds but her favorite thing to do is knead my black fuzzy blanket. Every night she cuddles up with me purring and kneading. However, the other night I work up to her biting my arm that was under the blanket. I moved to make her stop and about 5 minutes later she did it again. I bopped her head with my other hand and she turned and looked at me with literal disgust haha. Also her eyes were incredibley dialted and she looked MAD! She bit me one more time and I moved my arm out from the blanket to show her it was me she was biting invade she didn't realize and she promptly jumped off the bed. A couple weeks later and she just did it again this morning around 7am. Eyes totally dialted, crazy in the face! I bopped her first thing and a couple minutes later she just starts purring and kneading?

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