Felix is white with stripes.He's got white underbelly and a saddle on his back. His appearance in fact resembles a tiger. but he's always had hairy ears. What breed can he be?
Hi Murmur,

A photo would help but it sounds like he's a domesticated shorthair.
But that's not a breed is it? All cats with a home cat be called so. Can't get a picture now I'm afraid coz my camera is broken.
Yup, the Domestic Shorthair is just a general mixed with no specific traits.. much like the tabby (although you can know its a tabby by the M symbol on the four head its not really a breed its just a mix)
It sounds like you have an albino lynx! lol
hmm but on a serious note Emotion: geeked I'd really like to see his marks he could be a Silver Bengal mix which has very unique tiger like marks.
As for the ears this is called ear tufts you can see this in Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest cats Long Haired Burmilla or the Siberian.
But this does not necessarily mean he belongs to any particular breed, and breed of cats can have this but it is usually with longer haired cats, he could be a total crazy mix of breeds and have them, this also depends on where you got him, He is probably not a Burmilla or a Siberian mix if you found him at a shelter because these are very rare breeds which would not be just bred with whatever cat breed out there, but if you see a lot of physical traits that are for example like the Maine Coon which is fairly popular or the Bengal which is also popular and I see a lot of Bengal mixes lately them he can be one or both of those.