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Purebred Cat Rescue

Is there any chance to get a purebred cat from a shelter? I have never seen them there but I want one.

Warrior Cats

Does anybody know or like or love warrior cats???

Burmese Cats Heart Problems

Hello I came by your site as last week I lost my 4 yrs old Burmese boy exactly 5 moths after his twin sister the emergency vet said it was a heart attack and probably a genetic...

Fabulous British Longhair

Hey all, I recently finished an article about British Longhair cats, and found this photography (click the pic to see the original on Flickr). Don't you think it's just a fabulous...

How Many Types Of Cats?

how many types of cats are ther


Can cheetoh cat breed with a main coon.

Cat Breeds Similarities

Why are there breeds that look very similar but are called different breeds? Examples: Korat and Russian Blue, Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest, Canadian and Don Sphynx, American...

British Shorthair And Scottish Straight...

We bought a pedigree cat that is, by the words of the breeder, is a British Shorthair. However her certificate says it's a «Scottish Straight, SCS» SCS ns22. Her color is tabby...

Where To Find Balinese Cat Breeders?

I'm from Minnesota and need to find the nearest Balinese Cat breeder. I would like to buy a cat. Thank you

Is My Cat Pregnant?

Hi, I think my cat is pregnant but I ain't sure. Her nipples are pink and enlarged and she asks for more food than usual. What do you think?

How Many Cat Breeds Are There

Hi I have got a question about breeds again, Does anyone know how many cat breeds are out there in total

Flat Faced Cat

Hello! My coworker asked if Persians were the only flat faced cats over there and I said yes because I couldn't think of other breeds. Am I right guys?

Cat Breed Selector

Hi Is there any software or test allowing me to figure what cat breed is best suitable for me?


We live in Oregon and want to breed our female and need a male. Do you know of a stud near us? thanks, Foyd

Commercial Breeding Has No Pity?

What sadist could do so - I have no idea!!!! I found a kitten in a village (British silver tabby, but with a defect coloration - tail was completely silver). He was so tiddly...
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