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Cornish Rex Loses Hair?

Hello, my Cornish Rex has had a wonderful coat since birth. A couple of month ago the hair began to fall out. We thought it was shedding, but up to now new hair hasn't grown again...

What Cat Breeds Have Unusual Ears?

What cat breeds have unusual ears?

Cat Breeds

Just have a look how many there are... and each one is unique!

Dwarf Cats

Hello guys. I'm wondering if there's such as a breed as a Dwarf Cat. Someone told me they exist but I cannot recollect seeing one.

Ragdoll Cat Name Origin?

Does anyone know why the Ragdoll breed is named like that?

Ragdoll Cats?

Can The Ragdoll cats hae stripes??

Scottish Fold Ears And Pregnancy?

My Scottish Fold is pregnant and her ears lifted up alightly. Is this common?

Mystery Cat

I want a very specific cat and I just cannot find what breed it is. it is a white short haired cat with a bit of orange around the eye/ear and then its tail looks like a racoon...

Li Hua Mao's Coat And Tail?

Does this breed has tiger-like pattern of coat and does it have a long tail?

At What Age Can A Kitten Get Pregnant

At what age are female kittens mature enough to get pregnant?

Short Legged Cat Breeds?

short legged cat breeds

Why Are Maine Coons Popular

What makes the Maine Coon such a popular breed

Patient Cat Breeds

Hi we're about to get a cat but we need it to have very patient and calm temperament because we have two kids, 3 and 5 years old. Any breed suggestions please? Should we get a...

Bengal Cat Breeders

Can anyone please recommend reputable Bengal cat breeders in the US?

Are Savannah Cats Safe To Keep?

hi all as far as I know savannah cats carry genes of wild cats. does it mean keeping them as pets is dangerous in a way? especially for a family with infants?
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